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Just on the side of gallery NICHINICHI you will find our tearoom TOKA. We offer a wide range of unique organic Japanese green teas, an assortment of varietals from different fields and years. Enjoy your tea alongside our original organic cacao from Hawaii or fresh Japanese sweets made each morning by our favored Kyoto wagashiya.
SHIMEKAZARI Japanese New Year Decorations made of Hemp
8 ー 18 November, 2018 10:00 to 18:00, closed on Tuesday
In collaboration with Yamakawa workshop, who specializes in twisting and twining hemp fibers into shimenawa ropes for ritual use, we produced five motifs of shinmekazari. Each is handmade from Japan grown hemp fibers. The can be bought in the gallery or ordered by phone or e-mail.
Traditional Textiles from India and Indonesia
12 - 29 July, 2019 10:00 to 18:00, closed on Tuesday
This exhibition displays and offers precious Indian and Indonesian textiles from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
The joy of old textiles is endless. We will offer for purchase a multitude of old textiles as is, in the very shapes they have been handed down through the centuries in. We have additionally prepared a wide range of small products made from old textiles: tea-related things such as shifuku (wrapping bags) or fukusa (cloth for presenting and wiping the tea bowl), business-card holders, patchwork cuts of small samples, and much more—small things that let us enjoy the beauty of old textiles in daily life.
Please download the (Japanese) invitation card as PDF file.
PDF: invitation card
Mitsuo MORIOKA    White Porcelain Vases
14 June -1 July, 2019   10:00 to 18:00, closed on Tuesday
Mitsuo Morioka is well known for his Bizen style ceramics, which he fires in his noborigama in Nagano pefecture since more the 40 years. This year Morioka is celebrating his 75th birthday - and we are happy to present the first exhibition of his white porcelain flower vases. He has worked years to get the right firing results in his wood fired kiln.
We will show more than 60 vases in different sizes. Each of them can stand alone as a sculptural object, but at the same time is perfect for flowers.
Please download the (Japanese) invitation card as PDF file.
PDF: invitation card
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